Harbour Emergency, Fire & Oil Spill Plans

The NPP Newhaven Harbour Emergency Plan, is available for download by clicking on the link below.

Only some of the appendices are available to the general public, the remainder are restricted to internal and emergency services use.

The existance of this plan does not absolve other Port User Organisations and Business' of their duty to prepare for emergencies.



The Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd Fire Plan. The existance of this plan does not absolve other Port Users and Tenants of their duty to produce their own fire plans. 

NPP Fire Plan Sep 2014


The Newhaven Harbour Oil Spill Contingency Plan is available for download below in pdf format.
The plan is a legal requirement and is approved by the MCA at 5 yearly intervals. The plan is reviewed and amended internally by the Harbour Master at annual intervals and following lessons learned in exercises and incidents.
This website version is an abridged document that does not contain personal contact details or commercially sensitive information.

Newhaven Port Oil Spill Contingency Plan Feb 2017