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Newhaven Harbour Revision Order Application




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Newhaven Port and Properties Ltd (“the applicant”) has applied to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for a harbour revision order under section 14 of the Harbours Act 1964.

The proposed order would clarify the limits of Newhaven harbour (“the harbour”) for which the applicant is the statutory harbour authority. It would also modernise and extend existing powers vested in the applicant.

The proposed order would not authorise the construction or alteration of a project or confer development consent.  Accordingly, Council Directive 85/337/EEC on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment (as amended) which is codified by Council Directive 2011/92/EU does not apply to the proposals and no environmental statement has been supplied.

A copy of the draft order and accompanying documents is deposited at the offices of the applicant at: Port Administration Offices, East Quay, Newhaven BN9 0BN. These may be inspected at all reasonable hours until the expiry of the forty-two day period referred to below.

The draft order and accompanying documents are also available for inspection at the offices of the MMO in Newcastle by appointment at the email address below or may be viewed on the MMO’s website at

Any person desiring to make an objection or representation concerning the application should write to the Inshore Marine Licensing Team, Marine Management Organisation, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 4YH or email to An objection or representation should:

  1. be received before the expiry of a period of 42 days starting with the date at the foot of this notice;

  2. be made in writing quoting reference DC9903;

  3. state the grounds of the objection or representation;

  4. indicate who is making the objection or representation; and

  5. give an address to which correspondence relating to the objection or representation may be sent.

    The MMO will pass to the applicant a copy of any objections and other representations received.

    If an objection is duly made and not withdrawn then the MMO may cause an inquiry to be held. Any objections duly made and not withdrawn and any representations duly made will be considered before the MMO decides whether or not to make the order.

    Dated: 24thApril 2015

    Lester Aldridge LLP
    Alleyn House
    Carlton Crescent
    SO15 2EU